We offer different Beorol painting accessories for your needs. We have different types of paint rollers, brushes, handles and more.

Cutting discs are widely use to cut specific types of materials. Luckily for you, we have the best quality cutting disc there is. Beorol has different cutting discs for various cutting needs.

Hand tools are a handyman’s best friend. But to get the best results, you also need the help of the best tools, and these tools are only at its best if it is graded with top quality. Beorol offers series of different hand tools from measuring devices, driving tools, to cutting tools. Whatever tools you need, quality-assurance is granted with Beorol’s top-of-the line tools.

Creating the perfect garden? You need the best tools for that. We also offer Beorol’s high quality and stat-of-the-art gardening assortments.

Our company also sells various Beorol protective gears. From gloves, googles, hearing protectors, protective helmets, to protective masks. Beorol ensures that these protective gears are made from the best materials and follow the international standards.