At Ayesh, we work to offer you a comprehensive after-sales services that cover all the needs that may arise through commercial, industrial & residential support. We provide constant and transparent communication throughout the sales process, up to the resolution of any problem, assistance in the installation of the machine, repair or simply its maintenance.
Equipped with specialized tools, our electrical engineers and diesel mechanics are trained to be able to respond to any kind of repair, maintenance or breakdown and to thoroughly diagnose any problems encountered. A complete after-sales services and the best technical team at your service so that everything goes well before, during and after the start-up of your generator.



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Based on experience gained from hundreds of installations, our after - sales services supply extensive spare parts and technical support throughout the product life cycle.
We supply genuine spare parts for the maintenance and commissioning of generator sets. Our team of professionals has made a selection & classification of spare parts to
ensure our customer’s satisfaction.